Deprecated APIs

Block cipher API (EverCrypt_Cipher.h)

We decided to only offer an API for CTR mode rather than exposing the raw block cipher function. Clients should used EverCrypt_CTR.h instead.

Legacy EverCrypt headers (EverCrypt.h, EverCrypt_Hacl.h, EverCrypt_Vale.h)


These are UNVERIFIED, legacy APIs and should not be used. In addition, EverCrypt.h relies on OpenSSL or BCrypt under the hood and is only there to support the needs of miTLS as we finish implementing remaining algorithms in EverCrypt.

If you were previously using EverCrypt.h:

  • Users of AES-GCM should use EverCrypt_AEAD.h instead with a suitable algorithm parameter.
  • Users of AES-CTR should use EverCrypt_CTR.h
  • Users of randomness should use Lib.System.RandomBuffer combined with EverCrypt.HMAC.DRBG